We've been sailing some rough seas...

Some problems are tough no matter how many barrels you throw at them. This past school year...or 18 months...or something...has been tough. Really tough. 

Three men stare at three barrels attached to a shark
Surely THIS barrel will get it...
So tough I did a crazy thing and got out of the English department. I've only ever been an English teacher. And I really did love teaching English during *unprecedented time* during which we had virtual and in-person learning all together and mixed up. 

Here's sort of how my thinking goes on the matter: 

I've always viewed literature as how we can see philosophy in action without having to worry about the consequences ourselves. We can see how different values and beliefs play into a character's actions and see how it all plays out for that character. 

I've always viewed edtech and computer science/coding as a way for students to respond to or have conversations about the literature we're reading in class. Literature is so much about expression, and edtech has a lot of tools students can use to express themselves. 

So, I don't really view the move to computer science and coding as a total shift from the world of literature. Now I'm in a position to help students get creative and express themselves in ways that relate to the platforms they interact with everyday. From blogging to designing websites to coding a video game, students will be pulling form their literature classes whether they know it or not. 

Anyways...it's been a while since I've blogged anything on this site, and I'm looking forward to getting back into it. Leave a comment on the blog post or hit me up on Twitter. I'm also looking at updating the podcast and getting into a mix of practical and philosophical aspects of education. 

Good times. Hope all's well for you and yours and that you've still got plenty of barrels left...